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Your Child Means Everything to Us

Bambinos philosophy is based on respect for the child needs and the teacher's ability to observe objectively and this way to be able to guide the child   to develop in harmony, that is why the Montessori philosophy the teacher is called “guide”, because the role of the adult is to accompany the child is in the process and be the link between the child and material work.


Our philosophy gives central importance to the child’s emotional and spiritual development without forgetting the cognitive aspect. In Montessori, we trust the child and in their potentialities; we work with a deep interest in the children's integral development providing the tools to participate actively in the society we live and acquire the knowledge that their individual actions impact the world.  Montessori believed that children were more responsive to certain learning experiences at different times, which she referred to as a child's "sensitive periods." She taught teachers to recognize these periods and direct children to materials that would satisfy natural curiosity and the innate ability to learn.


Montessori teachers often show children how to use educational materials before turning them over to the students. Montessori believed that children learn best from doing, rather than from listening to instruction. Much of the learning in a Montessori preschool environment focuses on life skills, such as dressing, hand washing, and organizing and social behavior.

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