Admission, Enrollment and Tuition 

At Bambinos Bilingual Montessori, we try to keep the admissions process as simple as possible. I also offer you the opportunity to get to know my program school before you apply. Our tuition fees are affordable.


Due to limited space and a high number of applicants, I’m unfortunately unable to accept every child for admission.  Applications are processed in the order they are received. 


If there are no spots available at the time of the interview, Bambinos offers to the parent’s two possibilities to ensure space when it becomes available. 


1. Putting child’s name on a waiting list at no charge 

2.Pay a fee to secure the first available space. This fee is not refundable 


BBM conducts interviews and accept applications year around, I look forward to hearing from you !


I am very proud of My preschool bilingual program and I would like to give prospective parents the opportunity to visit the school.

Bambinos Bilingual Montessori invites prospective parents with their children to know my program and see the facility. You need set up a special appointment. Interviews are Monday through Friday after 5:30pm


Please contact me

Ph: 623-444-5652


The Application Process

In order to enroll your child at Bambinos, a pre-enrollment conference is required; both parents are requested to come (if available), with the child to discuss my policies and to share child’s information.


There is necessary paperwork that will need to be completed prior to the beginning of care. I will not assume care of your child if the necessary paperwork, fees and supplies are not received. 

  • Registration requirements and procedures 

1. An Application enrollment form is required.

2. All forms and contracts are subject to renewal and must be kept up-­to date


All information will be kept confidential and is for my records only.



Bambinos Bilingual Montessori is an educational institution, which is supported by tuition and fund raising activities. Tuition is based on enrollment for an entire academic school year in some months, there may be five weeks and in some months the school may be closed for the holidays. Parents are responsible for timely payment of tuition as outlined in the Tuition Agreement Form.


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