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 Bambinos Bilingual Montessori Preschool Program Specializing In Spanish Immersion

Bambinos Bilingual Montessori Preschool Program specializes in teaching children the Montessori principles:


"1. Children Are Shown Respect

Respect is the foundation of the Montessori method. Teachers instill respect in their students by showing it to each child.


2. Absorbent Mind 

All kids have Absorbent minds. The young mind is ready and eager to learn. Kids learn a great deal from their teacher, experiences, and environments. In fact, kids learn a lot just by being kids.


3. Sensitive Periods

Sensitive periods are critical for learning. Dr. Montessori believed children learn certain skills more easily during sensitive periods. Preschool teachers watch for these sensitive periods so that, when a child is ready, he will have the resources he needs to master the skill.


4. Prepared Preschool Environment

The Montessori method says that kids learn best in environments equipped with plentiful resources that kids can use to actively explore. A prepared environment lets kids choose what they want to learn and try things out independently. 


5. Auto-education

" Kids can teach themselves through Auto-education ". This means that kids are able to teach themselves through active exploration. Teachers encourage children to learn and explore by introducing them to new materials in the prepared environment."


Bambinos Bilingual Montessori philosophy is based on an understanding of children's individual interests and developmental needs.


"What you can teach a child and how best you can teach them depends on what they have learned before, and, how well he has learned it” -Maria Montessori-

Bambinos Bilingual Montessori is currently accepting applications. If you would like to tour or observe our program you can call or email us and we can schedule an appointment for you


 We would love the opportunity to be a part of your child's early years!


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