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Bambinos Bilingual Montessori Program

Montessori's approach to education is largely based on the teacher introducing the child to appropriate educational materials after careful observation of the child's interests. It emphasizes educating the whole child by focusing on all aspects of development, including intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual.


Montessori classroom materials are designed for children to learn through seeing, touching, hearing, feeling and moving. The classrooms consist of multiple age groups and older children are encouraged to teach younger students. Classrooms typically look more like a home than a traditional school.

In Bambinos classroom, space is divided into several areas by low open shelves: one for practical life exercises, one for sensorial, one for language, one for math and other areas for art, music, geography, and science.

A High Quality  Montessori Program



Montessori program the multi-age children work together in the same classroom; so older kids have the opportunity to teach to little ones and also serve as a model for them.


Montessori Curriculum



 Practical-Life          Sensorial         Basic American sign Language                         

Math                         Language         Bilingual Language Development


Early Literacy        Communications skills                


Art/crfts              Music & Movement               

Parent's Viewpoint

See what other parent's have to say About BBM.   There you can read the comments from parents of children who are or are been in the school. 

The Child Can Only Be Developed Through Experiences In His Environment To These Experiences We Call "WORK"

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"The Material used By The senses . . .

Are A Doorway to The Mind" -Maria Montessori-

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