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My objective is maximizing the capabilities of our children in each area of development, in a warm, safe and stimulating place, where they feel like they’re in their own home.   Bambinos offer a full early stimulation program. My goal is to develop the baby's brain functions through repetitive exercises and games. We focus on the intellectual physical, emotional and social levels.


Childhood is a unique stage in life and it is an important time to build the foundation for the development of a child as a man or a woman in society.  The greater effort directed towards a child’s education at an early age the better prepared they are for the future.


Babies eat and sleep according to their own needs. At the time they are awake stimulation activities will be made in different areas of development such as sensory, art, music, reading books and more.


Parents should bring a daily box lunch with ice packs to keep food fresh during the day with bottles of milk and baby food ready to feed the baby, at the end of the day all the bottles were sent home to be properly washed and sterilized for next day. I will, upon request teach your child the basics of signing.  Infant signing is the first form of communication expressed by children at the earliest age.  Learning the basics of signing can be a rewarding a life fulfilling experience.

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