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The Montessori experience is a 3-year program because your child still within the first plane of development which is the focus of our program, for the three-year period of ages 0-3 and 3-6.


The main reason Montessori schools keep groups of three years in the classroom is that the progressive nature of the materials captures the characteristic attention of each stage, interlacing and being used with different complexity. It also has to do with not segregating the children by the fact that they have completed that date, but with their actual maturity level in each area.


The second reason, no less important, is that the youngest children learn from the more mature, that help and assist the children in their own classroom when they have doubts, thus establishing their own knowledge and modeling collaborative behaviors, responsibility, communication, leadership, and trust


The first six years of life mark a moment of enormous physical and psychological growth, exploration and development. Dr. Montessori believed that human beings are capable of learning more in this stage than in any other. This was the period she describes as the time of the Absorbent Mind when young children are able to absorb large amounts of information about the environment through their senses of taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing.


At this moment of the absorbent mind, children acquire language (s), develop motor and cognitive skills, begin to copy the social skills of the adults around them, and acquire expectations about how the world will treat them.


Dr. Montessori thought it was important for the child under three years of having a wide range of sensory and motor experiences because these experiences are stored in the subconscious and are the foundation of vital importance for further learning.


Children from 3 to 6 years old enter a period, which Dr. Montessori called Conscious Absorption. Although they are still very absorbed in the immediate environment, children in this stage begin to concentrate inward, becoming aware of the choices they can make, and that they want to make these decisions.


These children are attracted to any object and actions that allow them to achieve personal satisfaction and develop personal interests and skills.


Dr. Montessori believed that from birth to 6 years was the crucial stage for the development of the Conscious Mind, in the environments special attention is paid to provide an environment that allows children to concentrate and experiment, offers sensory and motor experiences that lay the subconscious foundations for the development of new skills; therefore, the most important objective in a Montessori environment is to follow each child and help them develop as a competent and self-confident individual.



As your child turns 4, 5, and 6, and you consider all your preschool and kindergarten options, we invite you to keep us at the top of your list! at BBM we recognizing that this period of the child's life is the most important and that it will never come again. Your child has grown a lot and still has much to learn from our prepared environment.


For the third year BBM keep offers a prepared environment with hands-on, challenging language and math curriculum, an immersive Spanish program, a rich cultural program in geography, zoology, botany and art, cooking and meal preparation, practical life, sensorial training, and we nourish the child's love of learning, emotional intelligence and train their social skills through the peace curriculum.


We are very confident that we are the best option for your child, even for kindergarten. We create a suitable environment for the absorbing mind providing many opportunities for sensory experiences because we know this is the way children learn.


At BBM classroom teachers are able to:



  1. Satisfy Your Child’s Needs: giving the opportunity to always participate in fine and gross motor activities.


  1. Maintaining The Order In The Environment: incorporating a routine in your child’s life to support the development of a sense of order.


  1. Recognize The Difference Between Freedom And Permissiveness: giving him as much freedom as possible, within reasonable limits appropriate to his age and what he can handle.


  1. Recognize The Child As The Builder Of The Men: developing and maintaining a strong, loving bond!


Plus, your child is loved and belongs to a neat community already! 

"Para Encontrar La Interpretación De Los Deseos De Los Niños

Debemos Estudiar Científicamente, Por Que Sus Deseos Son A Menudo Inconscientes. Son El Grito Interno De La Vida, Que Desea Desarrollarse De Acuerdo A Leyes Misteriosas".

                                                                             - María Montessori-

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"The Material used By The senses . . .

Are A Doorway to The Mind" -Maria Montessori-

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