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Music And Movement

It will also be important parts of the curriculum they offer children ways to express themselves, their feelings, experiences, and ideas. Maria Montessori discovered that musical education greatly benefits children during their developmental years. 


Infant's brains are sensitive and responsive to musical sounds, preferring them over other types of sounds.


A child’s musical receptiveness remains especially strong through the preschool years until about the age of six. That is why parents speak to their infants in a high-pitched, “sing-song” type of voice.


Active musical training can improve their problem-solving skills, physical coordination, poise, concentration, and memory, visual, aural and language skills, self-discipline.


It fosters self-confidence.


Here at Bambinos' we offer a music class called “Zumbini”.

Zumbini is a fun, engaging, and effective music and movement program for children, and the curriculum targets 4 key areas of development:




​​​Your child will identify different emotions through the use of different rhythms in class, creating intentional shifts in their mood




Your child will engage in social interaction with peers through singing, dancing, and playing instruments together




Your child will use reason and logic to identify music patterns and play instruments, while also enhancing their language skills by repeating sounds and syllables


Fine + Gross Motor Skill


Your child will activate their small and large muscle groups with vibrant movement, choreography, and instrument play!


The Zumbini class, goals are to bring music and movement into the classroom at least once a week.

"Los Niños Nacen Con Un Sentido Natural Del Ritmo.


Es Un Sentido Que Tenemos Razones Para Creer Que Se Desarrolla En El Útero,


Posiblemente En Parte, Como Consecuencia Del Acunamiento Y Balanceo Del Feto


En Co-Oscilación Con El Latido Del Corazón De La Madre,


La Danza De La Vida Ha Comenzado"


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